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Like a Holywood all-time-classic

When we arrived to the church to film Sophia’s and Marcu’s special day we both said at the same time…WOW! We learned later that no weddings happen to St Michael’s Abbey. No surprise to me as Sophia and Marcus is a special couple indeed, and what a privillege for us to be there. Surprises did not end there, as the party was on a whole other level. These two do know how to party!

Their day had all the elements that make a wedding day special: A stunning abbey as the place that the bonds are tighten, a party that every wedding deserves and a couple so much in love with each other.

The response

“Our wedding films tell our story beautifully.  The music accompaniments to our event were incredible!

You’ve both done an excellent job, thank you very much for capturing our day, it couldn’t be more perfect! I loved the aerial views of the venue too.  

Many many thanks, you’ve clearly diligently worked on editing our story. I’d highly recommend your services