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It's happening, we are locking it down

Over 2 years ago we received an enquiry to film Georgina’s & David’s special day. We are wedding videographers based in Surrey and travelling to Leeds wouldn’t be easy. The beautiful comments we received about our work, made it an easy call for us. As artists we love to work next to couples who love and appreciate our work. The result of our deiscion to be part of it was magical, one of the best films we have ever created.

Georgina & David is such a beautiful, young and fresh couple. They carefully planned their day, and with the help of the stunning venue and nice summer weather, they experienced their best day of their life.

Make sure you watch their wedding film and especially make sure not to skip the end of it. One of the best shots we have ever made!

The response

Oh my word! WOW.

We are in floods of tears, i cannot thank you enough for how beautiful that video is!It is perfect, we couldn’t wish for anything better!!!