Meet the team


Senior Filmmaker

Female wedding videographer


Assistant Filmmaker


We are Giannis and Monika and we are the persons behind Elegance Films.

We tied the knot on July 6th this year, so as newlyweds we have this beautiful experience fresh in our minds.

I am Giannis and I am the Senior Filmmaker. My father was a wedding photographer, and my grandfather before him. My uncle was the wedding videographer of the team. Having a wedding background since I was a kid, I joined my family team when I became 18, back in 2003. My passion for films, made me choose the videography path. For 17 years now, I have filmed and edited 100s of weddings and I hope to create even more beautiful stories in the future.


Monika joined me on this magical world of wedding videography back in 2015 and, in the outskirts of London, Elegance Films started their journey. We became a visual duo who loves travelling, exploring and capturing beautiful moments.

We are based in Surrey UK, but we go wherever love takes us.

We love weddings and we love films, so we consider ourselves extremely lucky to combine our passions for living.

By using numerous techniques of modern cinematography, our goal is to provoke your emotions and make you discover new aspects of your love. Every year we are fine tuning our techniques and we put a lot of love and thought in the process.


If you are a couple full of excitement, fun and romance, you are like us and we would very much love to meet you.

You are what we are looking for, as your love will inspire us to create an everlasting film, making us our proud to contribute to your happiness.

By becoming the Elegance Films, we made our dream come true. Let us be part of yours by telling your story.