3 Secrets for a Unique & Different Wedding

Now that the country is opening up again, wedding planning Can resume.

Perhaps having your wedding postponed has given you more time to think about what you want, and for some people, unique and different hits the mark. It is your special day, so it really can be anything you want it to be, so climb outside the box and think differently.

As a wedding videographer, a cinematic wedding film that is entirely different from usual is something I enjoy creating. Especially in an unusual or quirky venue, as it gives me plenty of scopes to go to town and immortalise your memories to film. So if you want something a little unusual, here are some great secrets for your unique and different wedding day.

1. The Venue and Theme

As a Wedding Videographer in Surrey, I travel all over the local area and see many great venues. It is now possible to arrange for your wedding to occur in many different locations, perhaps a museum, a garden, a forest or Castle.

When it comes to picking your venue, the most important thing is it reflects your relationship and personalities. With that in mind, some people choose a unique platform and pick a wedding theme that works for them. Themed weddings have a reputation for being quite tacky, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

I have seen some stunning examples of 80s themed weddings, fairy tales, Star Wars, Disney and more all been done tastefully and perfectly suited the bride and groom.

Furthermore, by surprising your guests you them give an extra good reason to remember your wedding.

2. Split the Experience

Opinions aside, if we learned anything from the interview that Prince Harry and Meghan Markel had with Oprah, it is that for a wedding to be legal, it must be performed in a certified venue with a registrar or vicar, for example.

This might not fit your themed wedding or work for your venue, and this is where a celebrant can come in. Celebrants are happy to carry out many different wedding celebrations, including handfasting and rituals, and usually delighted to fit in with your theme.

So, if you want all of your guests to remember your unique and different take on weddings, why not slip off and get married the day before legally and then have your day in the sun as it were with all of your loved ones the next day. With the formal bits out of the way, you can focus more on the fun part!

3. Dress as You Care

There are some amazing alternative bride and grooms wear vendors; you do not have to wear a white dress or a morning suit;

I have seen people get married in a variety of different clothing options looking stunning. From a red long dress to a textured eye-catching tuxedo, it’s your day so go and wear whatever make you feel comfortable

Alternative bouquets are also becoming increasingly popular with paper bouquets and themed fabric bouquets out popularising traditional Flowers in many cases.

One of the nice things about paper view case is they will last a lot longer after the big day.

The most significant piece of advice for anyone planning their wedding is to be yourself. The traditional format: service sit down dinner, and disco is not for everyone, and neither is it compulsory.

Do whatever it is that makes you a couple. Get married in the local registry office and plan a party on the beach.

There is no rule book!

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