4 Tips to keep your Wedding’s Guest List under control

There are thousands of articles written about planning a wedding. One of the most important is your guest list. The number of your guests will determine your total wedding budget; therefore it must be the number one priority when planning a wedding.

Keeping your list relatively short is a constant race. Despite the warnings and red flags you received from your friend’s past weddings; you are too worried for some reason. How many guests are your parents are allowed to invite? Should you have a separate evening guests list? Will your fiancée’s family members from Canada be able to travel?

Why this procedure could be so stressful is the real question. Let’s say that your fiancée is working in a busy environment, with many colleagues and customers to be considered as friends.

On the other hand, you are working from home, and you have a few, but good, friends. This makes your wedding guest list unbalanced between the two of you. Many issues will be raised, as this is how it starts to get out of hand.

Don’t worry; here we have four tips that will help you keep your guest list under control.

1) Be clear and transparent about the number of your guests

Before you even start writing your guest list, let’s get the parents out of the way. They have been looking forward to this day for even longer than you, so they really deserve to celebrate with their friends too.

Invite both sets of parents for dinner, and give them the absolute and maximum number of guests they can invite. You can be generous (or not?) as they have been generous with their contributions to your wedding budget too! With this out of the way, it’s time to focus on your people only.

2) No kids, No problem

Kids are adorable, and spending time with them is really fun. Christmas, beach holidays, parks, so many things in life exist mainly because of kids.

Let’s face it; weddings are not one of them. Unless there is a serious reason, your wedding could be for adults only. Not only you will save space for more guests, but you will save your friends from chasing their children and allow them to focus on the real deal: Having fun!

3) Evaluate your friends

If you are a social person, there is an immediate danger that your guest list could be too big. It’s time now, more than ever, to sit down and think who your real friends are. With who do you spend the most time? With who you are having real fun? Who would you like to be next to you on the most important day of your life?

It looks and sounds harsh, but this a reality you have to face. We do not connect with all the people in the same way, so it’s good to share this day with people we really love.

4) Be decisive

You will see that soon. That day will be very, and we mean very, short, and your time will be extremely valuable. A crowded wedding will force you to split your time between more people, who mean less for you.

The number of 70-90 guests looks balanced and will help you organise and experience an unforgettable party!

And don’t forget! Your uninvited friends could still experience your special day by watching your amazing wedding film, captured by the best Wedding Videographer!

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