wedding film


We love filming weddings with flair, style and class. Simone & Vu is a couple with personality and their wedding film reflects their story.

This amazing wedding featured a beautifully decorated venue as well as a couple who are deeply and madly in love with each other.


Vu arrived in style to the venue, as he looked great pulling up in a green Lamborghini. I also loved seeing the little things that meant so much. He kept at home a really expensive bottle of champagne in addition to some elegant and unique glasses. He was saving this experience for the honeymoon. That’s love.

It’s normal to see stressed out brides on their wedding day. They’ve spent a considerable amount of time, money and effort preparing for the biggest day of their life and if that isn’t a little daunting then I wouldn’t know what is. Simone handled it with elegance and grace – I loved the way she and her friends were having so much fun when they were getting ready. She looked stunning in her gown and it seemed like that Vu was going to be blown away when he would see her.

The Ceremony

The benefits of a wedding film are tremendous especially is being shot outdoors on a beautiful day. The light is stunning and everything  feels so real. The registrars conducted the ceremony with humor and as a result we managed to capture some really nice and beautiful moments.


I also got to experience one of the funniest wedding speeches. While the father of the bride was delivering his speech, every person was on the edge of their seat listening to him. He called all the bride’s ex-boyfriends that it was now time to handover back the house key that they received when they dated Simone. At this point, nearly all the men in the room stood up to deliver a key! Even the wedding photographer! It was one of the best jokes I’ve seen during a speech and the set up was perfect!

In conclusion, Vu and Simone we do thank you. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of your day and we are glad you really loved the wedding film we have created for you. You made it so easy for us.

-Elegance Films

“Our wedding film is amazing we love it soooo much! You’re amazing! ????


“I said I wouldn’t spend a fortune on my wedding video but after watching this I have changed my mind, how beautiful is this? It filled me with warmth inside, ???? loved it”

Ter (Simone’s friend)

Wedding date: Monday 25 July 2016

Venue: Warwick House, Southam