wedding videography west midlans


This was not a wedding film, this was a classic 50’s Hollywood movie.

The day started very early for Holly. This was about to be the greatest day of all so she wanted to take the most from it. Her wedding dress was hanging in a bright room full of mirrors, giving a fairy tale mood to the house.


Back to the couple’s house, Steve could barely hide his stress, despite his friends’ efforts to lighten the atmosphere with their jokes. His excitement could not be ruined even after it started raining while he was driving to the church in an open baggy car.


Holly was shining walking down the aisle. The couple was enjoying the ceremony service, especially Steve who was singing the hymns loud. Both guests and the priest couldn’t hold their laughs with Steve’s (not so
great) voice. Holly’s anticipation to kiss her husband was big and was revealed by the time they were pronounced husband and wife. Wedding videography is very important to moments like this, as sounds and emotions are being captured forever.


The day kept going at the Ingon Manor Golf and Country club with drinks, food and lovely speeches. The weather kept not being so nice during our attempt to capture some romantic shots of the couple at the beautiful surroundings of the venue. And just before we were about to give up, here comes the miracle. The rain stopped, followed by soft clouds painted in red and orange and all this created by the amazing sunset on the background. The sky was on fire! It is hard to spot a similar scenery. Holly and Steve were deeply in love and their wedding film could be easily a modern remake of the Gone with the Wind.


Holly and Steve thank you for exposing your story to our wedding videography skills and I hope that your wedding film will be a reminder of your wonderful day.

Wedding date: Saturday 09 September 2016

Church: St Peter’s Church

Venue: Ingon Manor, Snitterfield